Who can do an Internship in Australia?

visaTo participate in one of our professional internships programs we require our candidates to be either eligible to apply for a visa or being in the possession of a valid visa.

There are several opportunities for our candidates to apply for a visa.

As an international student you need to check your visa eligibility with your local embassy. Often you are required to provide proof of your enrolment within a educational institution. We can help you with this once your placement is confirmed.

However, the most convenient and common type of visa we recommend to our applicants is the Work & Holiday Visa. This type allows you to stay in the country for up to 12 months and gives you the chance to work in every kind of industry – the perfect choice for an intern of Internships Australia!

The following are the most common requirements for an internship in Australia:

  • To be aged between 18-30
  • Be Enrolled at an educational institution
  • 12 month maximum stay in Australia
  • Hold a Valid passport
  • Be able to prove sufficient personal funds


For more information about visas, you can visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration website: www.border.gov.au