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Social Media Marketing Internship

social media marketing internship in AustraliaWe establish many social media marketing internships in Australia to help individuals who are looking for social media related jobs. The host organisation is a Social Media Marketing company located in Sydney, Australia, and work at the leading edge of the internet and social media to provide effective marketing strategies for medium to large sized businesses. They work for their clients in many countries including the U.S, UK and parts of Asia. They are seeking international students who want to do an internship abroad. The internship offers are most suited to Marketing, Commerce/Business, Media, HR and IT students, as they will be able to learn about current industry trends and gain new skills and knowledge.

The internships we offer are 3 to 6 months for 4/5 days a week. However, the host organisation is flexible so that students can fit work in with their studies. This aspects of the internship has been very beneficial to the current and previous interns as they gain valuable experience. This offers interns the chance to be proactive in the company’s work and learn. They will help develop and implement strategies for clients and in doing so build their all important workplace skills.

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