• Internship Australia
  • Sydney

Mechanical and electronic engineering internship

The host company is a small Engineering business including a team of contractors that are assigned on a job-by-job basis, and often work remotely. Some of the work is off-site in client offices or workshops. There is often only one or two people in the office, so the intern would need to be highly trustworthy and self-driven.

Currently the host is working for clients developing consumer electronic devices, in particular miniature wearable technology. At the moment they are focused on fabrication and prototyping of sunglasses with electronics embedded inside them.

A mechanical engineer intern would:

  • Developing housing geometries in CAD for small electronic devices
  • Develop and prototype on miniature fastening mechanisms
  • Development of manufacturing processes and CNC toolpaths for prototyping and production
  • Working in the CNC workshop running prototyping jobs on the CNC machine
  • Research into process, components and patents