• Internship Australia
  • Sydney

Marketing and business development internship

The host organisation is a boutique tourism agency currently offering an internship that will involve the following:

  • Social Media Management: Oversee daily engagement and management of the agency’s owned and earned media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more. Develop strategies for email and messaging platforms. Monitor and continue to explore new social and mobile media trends, implement strategies as needed.
  • Content Creation: Assist with our content management and distribution; including content curation, content calendar, posting and scheduling content.
  • Point of Contact for Community: respond to questions and requests; identify super fans, brand advocates, etc.
  • Brainstorm: Brainstorm creative platform ideas with the team to enhance platform investment.


  • Passionate. You have a real passion for Travel
  • Informed. You are familiar with news, entertainment and lifestyle focused web sites, blogs, and online communities that are Travel related.
  • Social Guru. You are a social media and messaging guru who can Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat like it’s second nature.
  • Communicator. We want a powerful communicator, who is great with written, aural and visual presentation. Emoji expertise may or may not be a requirement.
  • Learner. Everyday presents unique challenges, so we need someone who is a fast learner, quick on his/her feet, flexible. You should be comfortable with web based dashboards with data so you can crunch them and tell us what’s going on.
  • Design Apt. You have a nose for digital design. At least be able to use drag and drop templates to create simple pages or interfaces.
  • Currently studying business, marketing, commerce, tourism or related areas.