• Internship Australia
  • Sydney

Civil and environmetal engineering internship

In this internship, you will be involved in:

  • Physical infrastructure of food supply chain & the internet of things: technology & buildings
  • Carbon capture calculator for fruits, herbs & vegetables
  • Incorporation of assessment methods, instruments, techniques & systems within urban food growing

This is particularly relevant to food gardeners and the growing of food in urban settings.

Fields incorporated: Agriculture, Architecture, Civil engineering, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Food Technology, Food Science, Forensic Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Instrumentation & Town planning.

Design, Build, Maintain, Re-utilize

Buildings & infrastructure – food growing & food supply chain

  • Project involves:
    Research & Analysis of existing urban structures & buildings that incorporate food gardening
  • Analysis of existing & possible assessment systems within these settings
  • Surveying & Measuring urban food growing and its quality, ripeness, safety, nutrition & environment
  • Development of systems that link buildings, food growing & assessment
  • Design of new structures & buildings to incorporate food gardening
  • Design reutilization of buildings to incorporate food gardening
  • Design of new and reutilized structures & buildings to incorporate assessment systems

The interns will be working in a number of these areas (as the project develops we move through different work). It will mainly relate to buildings & infrastructure: design and reutilization in terms of urban food gardens & assessment.