Terms and Conditions – Scholarship program

Terms and Conditions

1.         Scholarship Program

The Host Organisation has selected the Scholarship program for the Candidate. The Scholarship Program will cost $110 AUD per week (start date – end date) and the prices are exempt of GST.

2.         Invoicing and payments  

Payment term:

The first invoice is to be paid within 14 days after signing of this agreement. If a split of monthly choice is made, then the 2nd and remaining invoices start from the date the intern has started.

The payment options are:

  • A one-off payment via Credit Card (invoice sent via Xero) – no admin fees
  • Split in 3 installments via Credit Card (invoices sent via Xero) – 2,5% admin fees
  • Monthly via Credit Card (invoices sent via Xero) – 4% admin fees

3.      Refund policy of payments to IA (Money back guarantee)

3.1    IA will offer a full refund on any monies paid if the Work Experience Agreement between the Candidate and Host Organisation is not signed by either party, or if the Candidate never begins the agreed Work Experience term, for whatever reason.

3.2    If the Host Organisation, after following the process set out in clause 3.3, no longer wishes to host the candidate (for matters related to non-attendance, quality of performance or workplace conduct), IA will refund the pre-paid balance for the weeks remaining as outlined in the Work Experience Agreement between the Candidate and Host Organisation. In instances of serious misconduct, the processes in clause 3.3 may be waived.

3.3    IA’s obligations to find a replacement candidate or provide a refund of fees are limited to circumstances where:

The Host Organisation has followed the steps below:

         Step one:          Scheduled Meeting, Warning and Email

         Step two:          Final Warning and Email

         Step three:       Termination

The Host Organisation has followed any and all processes as advised by IA with respect to addressing any difficulties that the Host Organisation may have with a candidate and has kept IA informed of any and all circumstances and has otherwise at all times acted reasonably. To be eligible for assistance or any refund from IA, the Host Organisation will contact IA to discuss his/her reasons before terminating any agreement between the Host Organisation and Candidate.

3.4    In the event that IA receives an overpayment, whether by administrative oversight or for reasons related to overpayment in the instance a Candidate does not complete their agreed term, the Host Organisation will receive a full refund on the overpaid amount. Subject to Clause 3.3.  

4.      Referrals and Employment

4.1    If the Host Organisation makes an offer of employment to any candidate during the Work Experience placement or within 12 months of termination of the Work Experience placement and the candidate accepts such offer of employment (or a paid contractor role) then the Host Organisation agrees to pay a recruitment fee of $1,500 AUD to IA within 14 days after agreeing the employment option with the candidate.

4.2    IA invest a lot in their overseas promotion and partners. Therefore the Host Organisation agrees not to enter into any volunteer or employment relationship with any candidate who is either currently or has recently studied at a University or tertiary education provider from which the candidate (or any other candidate introduced to the Host Organisation by IA or the candidate) has attended without the express approval of IA.

5.      Services

5.1    The Scholarship Packages (as outlined in our Package Pricelist, presented to the Host Organisation before acceptance of any new candidate) include a range of additional services focused on the integration, training, insurance and general well-being of the candidate. These services are overseen by IA and delivered to the candidate (and do not involve the Host Organisation in any way). IA is not in any way liable to the Host Organisation for or due to the provision such services to the candidate.

6.      Insurance

6.1    The Scholarship Program benefit from additional general liability insurance. This insurance will cover the legal liability of the candidate in respect of personal injury and property damage (which occurs in Australia) whilst undertaking their business activities. The policy provides indemnity to the candidate; the candidates legal liability is covered up to $2 million New Zealand Dollar. You as the Host Organisation would be required to make a demand against the candidate for the policy to respond to the demand/claim). The insurance certificate will be provided as soon as the contracts are signed.

7.      Termination

7.1    The Host Organisation, Candidate or IA are allowed to end the contract without notice.

7.2    The Host Organisation acknowledges and confirms that IA reserves the right, to terminate a Work Experience placement at any time for reasons related to non-payment of services. Upon receipt of instructions from IA the Host Organisation will immediately terminate the Work Experience Agreement between the Host Organisation and the candidate.

7.3    In case the Candidate infringes against the rules of the Host Organisation (e.g. dishonest or business-damaging behavior, stealing, falsification of documents) the Host Organisation is allowed to end the Work experience agreement immediately, without notice.

8.      Warranties

8.1    The Host Organisation warrants to IA that:

8.1.1      It has done all things necessary to enter into this agreement and to perform its obligations under this agreement; and

8.1.2      All information disclosed to IA for the purposes of this agreement is, or will be when disclosed, complete and accurate; and

8.1.3      It understands the nature of the Work Experience placement and that the candidate is a volunteer, who is free to come and go as they please, and the relationship between the Host Organisation and the candidate is one of Work Experience provider and volunteer and not of employer and employee. The Host Organisation guarantees that the Candidate will not be exploited for particularly menial tasks unrelated to their studies.    

8.1.4      Will at all times comply with the agreement entered into between it and the candidate and, if it subsequently enters into a relationship of employer and employee with the candidate, comply with the requirements of the The Fair Work Act 2009.

8.1.4      The Host Organisation guarantees that the Candidate won’t be given the extremely menial tasks unrelated to the candidates studies. Otherwise the Candidate should be considered for employment.  

and such warranties are deemed to be given continually until this agreement terminates or expires.

9.      Indemnity

9.1    As IA involvement is limited to the introductions between the Host Organisation and the candidate, IA shall not be liable to the Host Organisation or the candidate (or any third party) in respect of any consequential loss or cost, loss of business opportunity, loss of reputation, or any special or punitive damages incurred or suffered by the Host Organisation or the candidate from any cause whatsoever.