Internships in Sydney

There are many vacant internships in Sydney today that will help you grow your skills to its fullest capacity but the problem is that you need to comply with the requirements needed. We will give you insights about Sydney opportunities and why it’s good to start your career.

Why should you intern in Sydney?

First of all, Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Sydney is under the Top Ten of the most liveable cities. There are so many places to discover, new people to meet and different cultures to experience. You can improve your English significantly without many hours of studying and learn for your life during your internship in Sydney. Gaining some international working experience will not only deepen your knowledge from your studies but also help you to build on your qualifications for a broad range of jobs. Sign up now and collect your own experiences during your Australian internships! 

Sydney’s most popular suburbs:

Near the Airport you can find Mascot and Alexandria. There you can find the big business parks of several well-known logistic and transport companies with their warehouses. This is the perfect internship programs for all engineering interested students.

Bondi Beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in the world. Local or not everyone knows this must-see in Sydney. If you would like to do an internship in the area of Tourism or Hospitality you are totally right here!  

Bondi Beach

CBD is the abbreviation for Central Business District. There you can find the sites of almost all big companies in the city. Are you studying business administration, marketing or finance? Then your next internship could be here – in the heart of Sydney!


Manly entices a lot of tourists with his beautiful beaches and harbour side swimming spots. It’s a true paradise for surfers and a great place to catch some waves after your tourism or hospitality related internship!


North Sydney as one of the commercial districts of Sydney has the second largest concentration of office buildings in whole New South Wales. There are always some companies looking for a new intern and just waiting for your application.

North Sydney

Parramatta is the place to be for sports lovers. Have you been always interested in sports and would love to do an internship in for example your favourite sports club? Then you can’t miss his place! 


If you’re looking for an opportunity to dance through the Australian nights or working next to your internship in one of the most popular bars of the city you are right in Surry Hills.   

Surry Hills