Hosting an intern can benefit your business

Internships are becoming a valuable stream for the recruitment of fresh talent. A percentage of our partners elect to welcome interns as permanent members of their teams following their internship period.

Our interns are from international universities whom require an internship to graduate.

Australia’s worldwide reputation as a quality destination to complete an internship is bringing increased numbers from Europe, the UK and the United States. These candidates are studying at some of the best Universities in the world and come with the desire for practical experience and require University credits in their related field of study.

Internships are quickly becoming the bridge between study and work. Taking on an intern is doing a service to the future of today’s student’s as they transform into tomorrow’s workforce.

What do our hosts say?

Our clients have been impressed with the quality of the output and the willingness of the interns to fit into the teams. Over 85% of our host businesses take on multiple interns per year, often starting in one area where they have an “educational” project available and then expanding their intake across different departments.

Hosting an intern


Hosting an intern is easier than you might think. Internships Australia looks after the entire process from start to finish. We focus solely on placements in Australia, meaning we have developed strong relationships with some of the world’s best universities. This guarantees you a large pool of intern talent from which to select.

Intern New Zealand with host organisation

Your organisation can host an intern from $0,-
(that’s right, zero dollar’s) per week.

Benefits of hosting

Hassle Free

Getting an intern through Internships Australia guarantees you a hassle free experience. Active since 2007 and having successful assisted thousands of interns to find a place within Australian companies, we know precisely how to successfully arrange an internship. We will fully assist your company and our interns. From overseeing visa/insurance and accommodation arrangements to looking after their social well-being through regularly scheduled trips & activities

Cost Effective

Interns can prove valuable in getting special projects or research off the ground. Equally, your current staff could be freed up for tasks where higher-level, strategic thinking or expertise is required. The net result is a significant increase in workplace productivity.

Fresh Ideas

Interns are rich sources for providing new outlooks, skills and understanding of new technologies where a business may be lacking e.g. social media/marketing. Your company will also benefit from the opportunity to expand its network. Through evaluation and feedback sessions with your interns you can gain a fresh perspective on your internal organisational environment; providing valuable insight on things needing improving or those already working well. Finally, having a new an enthusiastic young intern can reinvigorate or remind senior staff of the importance of the work they do. it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday aspects of our jobs.


Your company will be hosting highly motivated, enthusiastic and educated interns. The majority of Interns are currently undertaking a Bachelors or Master’s degree and require an Internship as a component of their course. For this reason, alongside their significant investment in both time and money – they have every incentive to do well.

What you should know

Hosting an (unpaid) intern is legal

The internships contracts via IA are according the guidelines of the Fair Work Act 2009.

Mutually beneficial

Hosting an intern is beneficial for your company, but understand that your company is doing something good in return as well. You will provide the candidate with a valuable work experience for their CV and future career. You are fostering the development of students and recent graduates as they progress from their studies into the working world.

Dedicated to service

Our motivated and passionate team, have organised placement’s for many of successful candidates – all having left with a rewarding and quality overall experience. The stories and feedback we regularly receive can attest to this.

How do we work

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